Keep Up

Ha. I couldn’t keep up.

Life happened and I lived it, through and true. Should have paused, scribbled down some notes on a napkin (Oh the romance) for posterity. But at that moment, everything was colourful. I was sure that I’d remember the cheap plastic table cloth, her overused red plaid long sleeves and the wrinkly blue scrunchy holding up those unruly tendrils she calls her hair.

Yeaup, I do remember. But only those 3 things were I sure of. Everything else false falls into vague territory: Might have made em’ up. Harhar.

Was the sky clear or did it drizzle like its supposed to during January? Was I wearing a flattering look and did I have make up on? Oh no, did I forget to swipe on deodorant? Why do I only want to remember about myself? Questions questions.


So many question.

Tsk. No matter how big an event is it’ll eventually be hazy with a greyish salmon overlay. Vignetted and desaturated. With either a Simon & Garfunkel or the Tremeloes track playing. Rambling on about silence. Or maybe the Turtles singing my name. Nananana oh eleanor rigby~ banana.

I write.
To remember.

And- SIDENOTE! Ouri Auma told me to keep a journal with a drawing of the people I meet. Complete with their basic profile and when/where I met them. Forgetting people, a skill I inherited from my mother and the women before her. Oh joy.

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I’m Ready!

Finally. After 1 year and 4 months I’m actually blogging. Woot!
Actually found the time to fix my About Me (Check it out). I should continue what I started but  I don’t remember Part 2 of my 1st day in Korea. Too bad. lol

Built this blog to record my exchange student days but as usual I didn’t follow through.  Ningas Kugon ika nga. I’m going to change that attitude. Well, i’ll try. 😛

2012, (uh, the 2nd half atleast) i’m ready! Let’s do this!!


1st day-lunch and daisu

The first 24 hours here in Korea felt like days! Every minute felt dragged out. Everything was moving normally except for the clock. Worse was we couldn’t understand what everybody was mumbling about. Except for very common words like anyeonghaseo (hello), kumapseumnida (sorry), ne (yes) and aniyo (no). Not that we went to Korea unprepared, because we did take up several Korean classes before coming here. It’s just the mixture of fatigue, hunger (empty stomach for 12 hours!) and total disorientation. Hangul was everywhere! People can barely speak English. And their broken english.. should be called shattered&totally-messed-up english! (Ofcourse, there are some who can really speak English well). Ahhh~~The reality that we were leaving Philippines hit me when we boarded our MNL-KOR flight. Except for several heads, all the other noggins were chinky and yellowish-white. AND I had no ♥mommy♥ TT_TT

We met 10 new people in a day~PHEW. I still can’t memorize all of their names after two weeks. Aigoo, I need sodium. (ㅠ,ㅠ)

The first people we met where Kuya Ipe and Kuya Enero (Yes, he was born in January teehee). Very lovable kuyas! Both are pursuing their PHDs here in CBNU. They took us to our dorms but we couldn’t go in yet cause Ate Noreen(taking up her masters) wasn’t here yet and they weren’t sure which room we’ve been assigned. Apparently, our previous room assignments were changed because we arrived 3weeks late. In the end I was assigned to the 10th floor while all the other girls are in the 12th. I feel left out. 😦

The rooms are cozy enough. 1 huge window, 1 aircorn, a heated floor! (WHOA! Manul!), 2 침대(bed), 2 책상(desk), 2의자(chair), 2옷장(clothes cabinet) and 1화장실(bathroom). I also got a touch-activated desk lamp, how awesome is that? HOHOHO! Oh, and there’s a 5 layer cabinet attached to the desk. PLUS AN EXTREMELY HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION!♥

Here’s a map of the University~~where’s the dorm? Where’s the classroom? Which one is the old gate? Tee hee secret!

There are many exit points in CBNU (천북대학교,chonbuk dehakyu) but the important ones are the New Gate and the Old Gate. They got Korean names but I can’t remember them at the moment. ( @,@ ).

On our first lunch we went out through the old gate. We walked for about 20 minutes before we arrived at the restaurant. Being cheap ass exchange students we each ordered a 3,500원 meal. Fried rice with shrimp!  (Except Miguel, he’s got allergies. Poor lad) I felt dispirited about the food prices thinking I’d only get a plateful of fried rice. but boy was I wronggg. WE GOT TONS OF  of side dishes! You gotta love the Korean style of eating ♥ The meals are painfully costlier but they give you your money’s worth. Plenty of extra food. AND If you order alot (i.e. there’s about 10 of you) they’ll shower you with delicious side dishes! OMNOMNOMNOM~burp

YUMMOH! I was filled to the brim! TEEHEE ♥

Filled and satisfied we decided to wander around~~not bad not bad. The path walk is wide and made of bricks just ike Malaysia’s sidewalks. A bit dirty. But then again, everywhere I’ve been to hasn’t been able to hold their own against Singapore. There are plenty of brand name stores here. Etude and SkinFood is just outside the university! You’d love the pretty nail polish(es) they sell at SkinFood~~♥,♥~~It’s pretty here, but I can’t wait to see Seoul!

The electric plugs (is that the proper name?) here are different from Bacolod’s so we had to buy some adaptors. They use rounded ones here. And they don’t give out plastics when you buy things! You have to ask for it, and at other stores they make you pay for it. Plus, they call plastic bags here as ‘vinyl’. #IdkWHY.

Ah, the highlight of my day was when we checked out the Daisu store. ♥ It’s this store where they sell real cheap shitz. I bought a pink trash can, a pink soapholder and a pink acetone for 1,000won each. They sell notebooks, pens & pencils, paper, blackboard, slippers, soap, lipgloss, lotions, stockings, leggings, underwear, plants..yes plants, candles, candies and moaaarawroar!

Happy with my choice of 1st-things-I-ever-bought-in-Korea I went to the cashier to pay~~I put the stuff on the counter, he scanned it, I payed. Then he didn’t give me plastic. He didn’t give me plastic. We we’re just staring at each other. O,O I was shocked! Astonished! I turned to Benjo and said-alittletooloudly-  “Wala niya ko giN HATAGAN PLASTIC?!” Then me and Benjo burst out laughing~aigoo~I suddenly remembered that plastic was english and that he might’ve understood. I turned to him and he was blushing the poor kid, but he was laughing along with us. Hehe. He put my stuff in a plastic bag and gave a little bow while saying thank you in Korean. He looked up and I saw his face.

OMG! WHOA! I JUST FOUND THE SPITTIN’ IMAGE OF THUNDER!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

On the left is THUNDER! On the right is SANDARA PARK. His noona~ or older sister. :)))

♥We’ve been going back to Daisu just to see him but we only saw him twice. On our 1st and 2nd day♥ ( ㅠ_ㅠ ) But we did find out that he is a student of CNBU when we saw him here at school. Me and Benjo we’re walking back to the kisuksa (dorm) when I saw his face. Shocked I pointed at him *hahahaha!* then he paused and looked back at us. Then I said the word, “si daisu”, he smiled and waved at us and continued walking with his friends. WE BURST OUT LAUGHING! He remembered us! Hahahaha! We laughed all the way to the dorm~~wee ♥

On our way back to the dorm Kuya Leonard (Researcher) treated all of us to icecream! The spoon was made of paper. Thick paper~~I never knew you could that.

Then back to the dorm again~ rest rest rest.

We thought we’d be really independent here. Heh, we we’re so wrong. We’ve go so many Ates and Kuyas here! They’re always there to help us~~. We didn’t have to worry and wonder what we’re the essentials that we really needed. We didn’t have to waste our money on expensive things when the Ates & Kuyas know where to find a cheaper counterpart. Its like everything is being spoon fed to us. We’ve already been to the cheap stores here in Jeonju and its only our 2nd week!

The only greatest hurdle we’ll ever face here is the Korean Language. More on that on another post~~
The welcoming dinner and our 1st night at Jeonju will be on another post~~~(my roomie is asleep already must type quietly)

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KOREA – travel to 1st day

I knew the world of “studying abroad for free” (exchange student) existed but i’ve never given it a second thought. I seriously would rather spend my time sweating in the intense  summer heat of the Philippines than experience the lip-cracking spring of Korea. But my brother told me to apply to all available programs, and so I did…DUN DUN DUN DUN! ♣ LO AND BEHOLD!


After months and months of suspense and intense paper work we got in a 1 year study abroad program between Chonbuk National University(CNBU) and the University of Saint LaSalle (USLS). 🙂  KOREA BABY! Land of Heenim and Taemin! ♥

Yeahh bb!


We found out some time around the last week of February, which is very late considering that the program will start March 2. AND our USLS classes will end around March 25. Plus the wait for Visa. Haist.

CNBU allowed us to be no more than 3weeks late, and we were. We left Philippines March 19 and arrived at the freezing cold of Incheon South Korea on March 20. Exactly 3 weeks late. Brrrr~~~ In our hurried departure we left haphazardly done final exam papers and projects.  Weewoo~~~~Well what’s done is done.

I’m here with my classmate Benjo and Kristine along with Kim and Miguel.

We travelled on our own, 5 kids armed with too much baggage and a couple of slrs. We got into some rough patch along the way, especially with the Philippines immigration. (In all my years of traveling internationally all the messed up experience always come from my home country’s side. * exasperated sigh*. We spent about 10-20 minutes at the immigration answering pointless questions when we obviously had a student visa. The Korean immigration simply asked for our cards and visa and boom! Out we went!).




It was a looong journey. We left Bacolod around 7pm and arrived at Manila an hour later. We had 4 hours till our next flight so Benjo met up with his mom and highschool classmates. We all tagged along. Ate at shakeys then went inside the departure area around 10pm. Split a 300peso bill with the others for the free wifi until 12.25.

Boarded 12:30.

Landed 45minutes earlier than the ETA. Incheon is cooooold.

We exchanged our cash for won then had fun trying to understand the directions. We were also sightseeing, or more like peopleseeing. LOL Saw some real pretties that morning.

We went out of the airport as instructed and then BANG! Gleeful laughs and silly handmotions filled the air! It was so cold! OUR  EVERY BREATH BECAME SOMKE!! (Is that the right term?) It was epic! Plus Kristine was only wearing a miniskirt~~~bahahaha! She froze.

We bought our bus tickets for the 4 hour ride to Jeonju and the middle aged Korean sales lady called Benjo—teehee—a handsome boy! HAHAHA!!!

AHHH laughtrip. :))))


The four hours felt like eight. It was extremely tiring. AND the bus driver didn’t speak english so we had a little trouble with the baggage.


Arrived at Jeonju Core Hotel at 11:30am. We waited for our Kuyas and Ates to pick us up. They we’re a little late so we. FROZE in our 2 layers of clothing. Didn’t know you needed 3-4 to survive.




Ah, but our day didn’t end there (Our day ended around 11PM, so we still have 12 hours of storytellin! And this is just the first day!)
Later naman! My room mate sleeps early eh. 🙂


It’s exam week, let’s be brief. I’m shy, let’s not be precise

I can't make out the credits~ letters too small. *xenxa

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